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It is difficult to provide a fully accessible toilet room or stall when using the ADA Standard’s minimum dimensions.  Trashbins, dispensers, and baby changing stations often reduce the clear floor space or maneuvering space required at doors and fixtures. They can also be ‘protruding objects’ that are hazardous for people who are blind. In this photo, the toilet obstructs use of the dryer, and the dryer could be a ‘head banger’ for someone using the toilet.

Chair user in restroom

If using the minimum dimensions, these items should be recessed into the wall.  However, planning on recessed dispensers and trashbins can conflict with maintenance requirements for larger trash bins and dispensers, many of which are provided by suppliers.  KMA recommends discussing what dispensers will be used, and adjusting the size of toilet rooms and stalls to accommodate them.  Kimberly Paarlberg, Senior Staff Architect at the International Codes Council has published excellent guidance on the installation of baby changing stations in accessible toilet rooms.