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Whether your project calls for a barrier-free renovation for a family member with mobility impairments or Universal Design for new construction, KMA’s staff of access planners and designers have the necessary expertise to deliver thoughtful, cost-efficient, and attractive designs for 1- and 2-family homes and condominiums which seamlessly integrate accessibility or Universal Design requirements into the overall program of the home. KMA offers a complete scope of architectural design services, including programming, zoning approvals, design and construction documents, bidding & permitting, and construction supervision.

Recent Projects

Residential Master Bath Remodel

KMA is modifying the master bath for a couple who want to continue living in their single-story 1950’s ranch house overlooking a golf course. They already have aides helping the spouse whose increasing dementia and a growing loss of dexterity and mobility require more care. Anticipating more functional changes and the need for additional space for an assistant, the couple moved to their summer home, while modifications were made. To minimize confusion on their return, KMA designed adaptability features without substantially changing the master bath’s layout or “look-and-feel.” Keeping the toilet, sink, and bath in the same general locations, KMA specified blocking behind all of the walls so that grab bars can be added, space for a transfer tub seat, and additional heat sources. They kept two vanities, but made new ones removable so that one can easily be removed to make more space for an aide to assist with bathing and dressing. Working with the Corian manufacturer, KMA designed hand holds built into the counters surrounding the sinks. The mirror remains in its same location, but lighting is enhanced with hard-wired motion sensor foot lamps, and finishes are in contrasting colors to help distinguish horizontal and vertical planes. The cork floor was replaced with a floor of the same color, but it easily washable and non-slip. KMA designed built-in storage so that equipment and supplies are readily available for the home health aides.