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 In Amenities, Housing, Multi-Family Housing

Within residential facilities, there is a growing trend to provide pet-friendly amenities such as dog washing areas.  Like pets, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Red dog washing station in apartment building

In addition to being on an accessible route, here are some accessibility guidelines when providing this amenity:

  • If the pet spa is located within a room:
    • The door is required to provide minimum 32” clear width.
    • Maneuvering clearance is required on both sides of the door.
    • Minimum 60” turning space is required.
    • A visual alarm is required.
  • The controls for each different item such as the faucet, blow dryer, shampoo dispenser, etc. are required to be:
    • Operable with one hand without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.
    • Located within accessible reach range (either 48” AFF or 54” AFF depending on the state in which the he project is located).
    • If the tub controls are located either along the back wall or the reach is deeper than 10”, the maximum allowable height for the controls is 46” AFF.
    • Have minimum 30” x 48” clear floor space.
  • The floor surface may have a drain and the slope at the required clear floor space should not exceed 2%.  Whenever possible, the drain should not be located near the tub controls.
  • If additional accessories such as vending machines are provided, then the controls:
    • Must be operable and within accessible reach range.
    • Must have a minimum 30” x 48” clear floor space.

Are you seeing pet spas and dog washing stations at your properties?