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Liability under the FHA extends to any entity – developer, architect or contractor – involved in the design and construction of the building.   Both 521 CMR and the FHA contain accessible design requirements for all residential units in a building containing an elevator and for all ground floor units in buildings without an elevator.

We have collected lessons learned from the dozens of plan reviews, construction audits and due diligence inspections KMA does each year for a 1 ½ hour workshop. The workshop – for architectural and construction firms – focuses on the challenge of designing and constructing residential units that comply with the FHA and 521 CMR (Grp. 1).  Issues addressed include:

  • What FHA/521 CMR requirements are the same?
  • What do you do when they conflict?
  • Are there any applicable tolerances?
  • What about dormitories?
  • Common problems encounter in plans and construction audits?
  • Full conformance v. risk management – what’s at stake?
The fee for the workshop (within Rt 128) is $500 for up to 30 participants.  Please contact David Kessler to schedule or for more information.