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 In Multi-Family Housing, Lessons Learned

by Lisa Pilorz
Senior Access Planner

“Measure Twice, Cut Once” is a relevant phrase to keep in mind during construction.

Getting the location correct for the toilet centerline is akin to searching for the holy grail.   Requirements vary based on the specific bathroom layout – is the toilet next to a wall or between two fixtures? All state and municipal codes are based on the IBC but local amendments and interpretations can result in different requirements.

toilet core hole and waste pipe in unfinished cement floorThe picture to the right demonstrates the not uncommon result of the confusing toilet location requirements. The subcontractor installed the toilet core hole too far from the sidewall to locate the toilet center line 18” from the wall.  The wall framing could not be adjusted.  As a result, the concrete slab needed to be chipped and removed so that the waste pipe could be relocated to allow the toilet installation to be installed in the correct location.

One small problem multiplied by many units can result in very costly fixes.  Checking the location of the toilet core hole, at the very early stages of construction, will result in fewer costly construction errors.