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 In Housing, Multi-Family Housing

The 2012 IBC references A117.1-2009 for accessibility.  If you have been working with the 2003 A117.1 on multifamily housing projects, here are some of the changes to be aware of for Type B units in the 2009 A117.1:

  1. Maneuvering clearance is required on both sides of the primary entrance door. The change was made with the consideration that this door will be used as a means of egress.
    Technical drawing of "Front Approach, Push Side."
  2. Electrical panel boards located in dwelling units are required to be within an accessible reach range. They do not need to be operable without pinching, tight grasping or twisting.
    Technical drawing: Electrical Panel reach ranges
  3. When multiple lavatories are located in the same Option A bathroom, only one lavatory is required to have compliant clear floor space.
    Technical drawing of Option A bathroom, clear floor space
  4. Clear floor space no longer needs to be centered on front loading laundry equipment.
    Technical drawing laundry room, clear floor space

Next month we’ll highlight changes in the 2009 A117.1 requirements for Type A units.